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Terms & Conditions

1.    Larnaka Airport booking /  reservations
For all airport bookings reservations all cars  are deliver at the airport and no shuttle bus needed
Airport Surchanges €10.00 + V.A.T.

2.    Insurance:
The prices includes  C.D.W  with excess:
For group A to C 1 €300 + V.A.T.
For group D to E 1 €400 + V.A.T.
For group F to I 1 €600 + V.A.T.

Tires and windscreen is not include, extra insurances is available at the price of €3.00 + V.A.T. per day.

3.    If C.D.W. is provide the hire will be responsible for the sum of agree and is market at the C.D.W. accept box on the rental agreement.
The hirer/driver agrees:
a.    Not to permit any person to drive the Car-M/bike unless he obtains owner’s written consent.
b.    That no person has physical, mental, vision ot hearing defects will be permitted to drive the Car-M/bike.
c.    That the Car-M/bike will not be used, on NON ASPHALTED ROADS to propel or tow any other vehicle, for  racing, for speed testing, to carry passengers or goods for reward, outside Cyprus, in the Turkish occupied areas of Cyprus or for any illegal purposes.
d.    Not to drive the Car-M/bike on flat tyres. In such a case all damages are his responsibility.

The hirer / driver agrees:
a.    To drive the Car-M/bike with caution and care all times. Of hire/ driver drives the Car-M/bike with negligence all insurances stop covering him and all damage cost on Car-M/bike it is his responsibility.

No person can hire a Car if he’s under 25 years old unless:
a.    He holds a valid license for more than 3 years.
b.    Special arrangements have been made for extra insurance cover.

Motor Bikes can be hire from persons with a valid license (AM - A1 - A). No age requirement.

If the Car-M/bike is not delivered by the hirer on the agreed date, time and place the owner has right to take possession of the Car-M/bike by means. If he is unable to do so he is entitled to declare the Car-M/bike stolen, cancel all insurances and report to the police.
In case of accident and it’s customers fault A.S.T.AEOLIAN STRATEGY TARGET L.T.D.
(Cosmos Car Rental) is not commitment to change or replace the Car-M/bike. No refund to be made. Customer has to pay for their own transportation from the scene of the accident.

All vehicles except SUV’S are not allowed to drive off road to the Akamas Area. If you do the excess amount will be charged or all damages will be paid in case of accident. All cars are supported with GPS Tracking devices so we can track live all routes.

4.    Additional Drivers
Drivers must be over 25 years old and under 70.
For over 70 years old can be provided extra insurances for the sum of 5 euro per day.  

Reservations are taken by group (class) of car and not by model. However, every effort will be to supply the car make requested.

5.    Liability:
Please note that the rental of the vehicle will be subject to the laws of Cyprus. Local laws govern the terms and conditions of hiring vehicles and the rental agreement signed on collection of the car is legally bin dug on the hirer.

6.    Break down service  
A break down services is available 24 / 7. The telephone number will be on the agreement.

All charges are payable in advanced. A valid credit card or debit card must be presented irrespective of payments, cash deposit can be also accepted.

All traffic fines are the hire’s / driver’s responsibility.
In case of accident hirer / driver must:
a.    Notify the police and owner immediately.
b.    Not remove the car without the owner’s consent or police instructions.
c.    Notify owner of extend of damages and losses.

In any case of accident caused by hirer’s / driver’s negligence this contract is automatically terminated and no money can be refunded.

7.    Rental period
Rental days are calculated on 24 hours bases, from the prearranged time or delivery. If the ending of the rental is 3+ hours from the original delivery time then an extra day is charged, except in special arrangement are done with one of cosmos car rental agent.

8.    Cancellations:
Cancellation should be done at a minimum of 48 hours before of beginning of rental and 48 hours in before ending. For more details please contact us via email on or call us at 00357 – 99 31 21 21.

9.    Fuel Policy
All cosmos cars are provided with the full tank of fuel and has to returned back with full tank of fuel.  If not hirer will be charged the amount of the fuel missing and 10 euro refueling charges.

10.    Parking and traffic finds
All fines incurred during the rental period are the hires responsibility. The company reserves the right to use the hires credit or debit card to pass any outstanding fines.

11.    Please Note:
If your are planning to travel to the occupied territory of the north Cyprus, then be aware that car hire insurance in Cyprus will not cover you in the event of any accident and / or break down.

12.    Lost of key
Cosmos car rental will charge if key (s) are lost or badly damage. Note if a vehicle is stolen and keys are not returned to rental supplier, the insurances is deemed void.  Please keep an eye on your key as new cars can now not be stolen without them. Where we state key, we mean all types of key and key-cards.

13.    Rates, terms and conditions these are subject to change without any notice.   


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